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FMCG 2025: A round table conference with FMCG experts

Bangalore Supply Chain Meetup 2019 hosted by Locus

Locus Knowledge Day: Industry leaders under one roof

Locus at Supply Chain Asia forum 2019: Singapore

Locus at TILOG Logistix 2019: Bangkok, Thailand

Locus at Advance Supply Chain 2019: Warsaw, Poland

Locus at DELIVER 2019: Lisbon, Portugal

Locus at Paris Retail Week 2019: Paris, France

Locus at Etail Nordic 2019: Copenhagen, Denmark


Ensuring Contactless Food and Grocery Delivery in times of Social Distancing

Ensuring Contactless Food and Grocery Delivery in times of Social Distancing

As nations declare complete lockdowns and billions across the globe embrace social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, consumer buying behavior is changing dramatically.

Last-Mile Tracking and Why it matters for Businesses in 2020?

Last-Mile Tracking and Why it matters for Businesses in 2020?

Real-time visibility plays an active role in sustaining the excitement of buying a product until the product reaches you.

What is the perfect recipe for making same-day delivery a success in Southeast Asia?

What is the perfect recipe for making same-day delivery a success in Southeast Asia?

The internet economy in Southeast Asia is booming. Well, that is an accepted fact now. But, how booming is it really?

What’s new in the last-mile delivery for E-commerce?

What’s new in the last-mile delivery for E-commerce?

Fleet drivers, these days, are usually in the tense ‘eleventh-hour’ exam prep mode when they are set for delivery. With increasing complexities in last-mile deliveries, it is becoming challenging to fulfill deliveries on time. Insufficient technologies prevent E-commerce retailers from meeting fulfilment timelines.

Time-Slot Management: Are you ready to deliver at the customer’s command?

Time-Slot Management: Are you ready to deliver at the customer’s command?

Gone are the days when the customer would wait for weeks or days to get a parcel delivered. Speed is the new rule. The customer’s demand for faster and same-day deliveries is increasing by the day, and businesses are investing in smarter logistics solutions to fasten their delivery processes. But, fast delivery isn’t enough to satisfy the customer.

Route Planning Software: Fuel your inter-urban delivery routes business by saving on fuel costs

Route Planning Software: Fuel your inter-urban delivery routes business by saving on fuel costs

Ask any fleet driver if he/she prefers driving inside the city or outside, the usual answer is, “Outside, on the highways, anyday!”. Roadblocks, traffic congestion, or unexpected accidents make urban delivery routes really challenging.

The future of E-commerce lies in achieving same-day and slot-based deliveries

The future of E-commerce lies in achieving same-day and slot-based deliveries

Convenience. That’s the word of our times. With all the apps doing the rounds, everything happens in an instant. Have a thought that the world should know?

Traveling Salesman Problem: It’s more than cost-efficiency

Traveling Salesman Problem: It’s more than cost-efficiency

With a steep increase in on-demand deliveries, modern enterprises are obsessed with rising costs. Being cost efficient is essential, but it is not the only element that will differentiate you from your competition

Route Optimization for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Countering last-mile delivery challenges

Route Optimization for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Countering last-mile delivery challenges

Pharmaceutical organizations spend on average 6% of their revenue on logistics- World Health Organization and Parenteral Drug Association statistics (WHO and PDA)


Explore our Tailor-made
Consulting Solutions

Strategic supply chain decision making is becoming more dynamic, as the industry landscape shifts towards digitization. For sustained value and organization growth, these decisions should be driven by insights and visualizations of existing data. Aided by a renowned and world-class data science team, Locus Consulting brings in technology, insights and supply chain expertise to drive innovative and contextual solutions.

Summarised below are Locus consulting offerings which can help facilitate supply chain decision making:


Network Optimization

Locus builds scenarios and simulates the end-to-end supply chain network which is focussed on minimizing total landed cost.


Strategic Sourcing

Locus enables you to optimize your sourcing from vendors and warehouses distributed across the globe resulting in substantial cost-saving opportunities.


Transport Optimization

Locus' proprietary Machine Learning based models can help you increase asset utilization, improve customer service, and drive down operating costs.


Sales Transformation

As omnichannel fulfillment continues to create complexities in terms of product mix and market dynamics, Locus helps create market differentiation by optimizing sales beats, distributors and retail outlets

Impact on your business:

  • Reduce Total Landed Cost and Cost to Serve
  • Optimize demand fulfillment across the supply chain network
  • Increase Service levels hence contribute to revenue increase
  • Design/Re-design Supply chain Network, Sales field force, Transportation and Sourcing Strategy
  • Save 15-20% of operational costs across different sectors of the businesses

Innovation Driven by Technology

Locus uses deep learning and proprietary algorithms to automate every mile of the supply chain and remove the human dependency in decision making.

At the heart of our products is heuristic technology that is close to real life and takes into account unpredictable on-ground factors to provide logistics optimization.

Locus_Supply_Chain_Optimization_Deep_Learning Locus_Supply_Chain_Optimization_Deep_Learning
Deep Learning
Bleeding-edge technology innovations that leverage Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and Predictive Algorithms to build a scalable and reliable logistics optimization software.
Locus_Supply_Chain_Optimization_Deep_Learning Locus_Supply_Chain_Optimization_Deep_Learning
Artificial Intelligence
AI driven optimization that accounts for real-world on ground scenarios and business constraints modelled to continuously adapt and improve.

What our clients are saying



/assets/img/testimonial_quote.png /assets/img/people/milind-majili.jpg
The system support for dynamic route, rate contract & freight cost management at the transaction level, deviation approval system has helped us to optimize our freight cost reasonably. We acknowledge the committed support by Locus team which has helped KOEL to complete the 1st Phase of system execution i.e. Route Optimisation across India as per Plan. This has given us a great confidence to proceed with our 2nd Phase Target i.e. End to End Automation in Complete Transportation System. In the process, they have helped us to improve our existing processes and digitize pieces within the supply chain. The commitment and support we have received from the Locus team has been incredible and they constantly strive to improve it further.

Milind Majili

Sr General Manager


/assets/img/testimonial_quote.png /assets/img/people/rakesh-mani.png
As a growth stage company, Locus has been a great partner in making sure we deliver delight with every single order for over two years. Their unwavering commitment to deliver upgrades and deploy composite on-ground solutions as per our product pipelines is extremely commendable. Auto-assignment, complex integrations, efficient data relaying, they help do it all with simple interfaces, giving equitable access to information for everyone at the organisational level. Locus has made our deliveries more SLA compliant and business decisions more data-driven with a brilliant product and a friendly team that never says never!

Rakesh Mani

CEO- Hellogenie


/assets/img/testimonial_quote.png /assets/img/people/ashish-garg.png
Optimum utilization of sales resources is one of the most prominent challenges that we face in a country like India. Locus has helped us in making optimized beat plans for our Field officer sales (FOS) that has resulted in the increase of productivity and efficiency. With Locus, we have been able to execute up to 90% of the planned sales beat plans. We can now ensure coverage of maximum customers optimizing time utilization of our on-ground resources which helps us in increasing per resource revenues.

Ashish Garg

Lead Demand Generation, SAR



/assets/img/testimonial_quote.png /assets/img/people/r-srinivas.png
Shipment sorting at a delivery center is time sensitive, especially when each location has its own nuances. Locus' Auto-sorting technology helps us optimize our shipment segregation and reduce our sorting time by more than half. The solution has helped us scale up our operations really fast in the past year and almost doubled our peak DC throughput. It is also easy to adopt and is used by our Delivery Centers Pan India. The commitment and support from the Locus team has been exceptional and we are glad to have partnered with them.

R Srinivas

Head- Last Mile



/assets/img/testimonial_quote.png /assets/img/people/amit-chaudhary.png
Locus provides a powerful routing solution that handles all our real-life situations. They are invaluable to our daily operations, and have helped us increase the tasks per agent by 20% with 80% of the orders completed within SLA's. Apart from this, Locus' team is very responsive and flexible. They customized features like the reschedule & reassign based on our needs.

Amit Chaudhary




/assets/img/testimonial_quote.png /assets/img/people/vs-sudhakar.png
We use Locus for automatically planning our delivery routes and tracking our last mile delivery. They have worked closely with our Product team to keep enhancing the product. The new feature which they deployed recently with real time alerts and planned vs. actual comparison in an extremely simple UI has really helped our Ops teams to manage the last mile deliveries effectively.

V.S. Sudhakar

Co-Founder & Executive Director



/assets/img/testimonial_quote.png /assets/img/people/prashant-tandon.png
We started using Locus services a few months ago and found it useful to manage our field operations. It helped us in creating transparency and managing our logistics field force better. Locus team was also very approachable and willing to help for our unique needs.

Prashant Tandon

CEO & Founder



/assets/img/testimonial_quote.png /assets/img/people/kaustubh-chakraborty.png
Using Locus, we are able to simulate multiple what-if scenarios and then take larger business calls. For example, we send carpenters on all our delivery vehicles and at one point we questioned ourselves on why we need to send carpenters on all our delivery vehicles. Is there a better way to do? We actually simulated this on Locus. Without the tool, it would have been hypothesis.

Kaustabh Chakraborty

SVP (operations and supply chain)


/assets/img/testimonial_quote.png /assets/img/people/satyendu-krishna.png
The FMCG distribution is at the cusp of a transformational change. To be the leaders of this renovation, we needed a partner that enables us technologically in this sales transformation, that's how we associated with Locus. Locus' Optimization solutions have been of critical value-add for HUL. Locus team has worked seamlessly across the organization to ensure swift technology adoption. HUL has also been able to reduce human dependency and scope of error to a large scale while planning sales calls.

Satyendu Krishna

General Manager, Centre of Excellence at Hindustan Unilever Limited

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Tech firms add glitter to e-commerce sale season

The festive season in India seems to cheer up the e-commerce industry the most with over 80% of the total sales occurring during this spell. And this year, the giants of the sector are expecting a 70% jump in sales by value.

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Logistics solutions provider Locus targets two million orders a day by 2019

In the wake of a nationwide uproar after an Uber driver raped a passenger in Delhi in December 2014, Nishith Rastogi and Geet Garg developed RideSafe, a real-time route deviation detection application for women’s safety. The application, however, ...

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Five Logistics Trends That Will Dominate 2019

2018 saw a market that made the consumer king. Focus on enhancing customer experience and reducing the product delivery cycle meant that organizations invested heavily in making their supply chains more efficient and transparent.

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A decade in logistics: before and after

As technology begins to take centerstage in global logistics, Nishith Rastogi, chief executive officer and founder of, reflects on the fascinating trends that will define logistics as much more than a support function.

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How Locus' Dispatcher can help you:

  • Plan dynamic routes that consider 18+ cost variables and multiple real-life constraints
  • Optimally handle on-demand orders along with scheduled orders with rerouting on the go
  • Get live alerts for deviation, unnecessary halts, exceeding break times or potential breach of plans
  • Improve customer experience and save re-delivery costs by increasing First Attempt Delivery Rates

Join Industry Leaders:

Increase in SLA compliance using Locus Route Optimization Algorithm
8 % Increase in efficiency
Increase in SLA compliance
Increase in order deliveries using Locus Route Optimization Algorithm
45 % Increase in efficiency
Increase in order deliveries
Increase in efficiency and productivity gains using Locus Route Optimization Algorithm
15-25 % Increase in efficiency
Saving in logistics costs

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